Notes From Friends

Thank you for visiting our online gallery home and getting to know us a little. These are some emails from customers and new friends from around the world. We'd love to receive a note from you with your recommendation, testimonial, suggestions you might have on how we can make our site more enjoyable, easier to navigate, more user friendly, any improvements to our shopping cart, services, etc. Or just let us know how happy you are with your purchase or services we provided, or just that this is the coolest art site or physical gallery/studio you've ever visited! Thanks and have a peace-filled day. E.J.


Khan Studio Customer and Visitor Comments:

Ejay Khan is a talented, inventive and prolific artist with so much energy she has to spread it around to as many other artists as she can. Her studio usually has several samples of the works of her artist clients whose work she prints and helps to produce. She has assisted many area artists in learning the business, and is a marvelous resource. A trip to her studio is always time well spent. Gary Blau

I have sent two neighbors to Khan Studio to restore very old photos which she did with excellence and helpfulness. i will continue to send referrals to her without hesitation. She is a welcome addition to atlantic works at 80 border street, east boston. Gail Miller

Funky and colorful, very welcoming and laid back. JW

Khan Studio has art that should be noticed! Their art related services are exceptional! I recommend you make a visit today. Andrea Owens

Just a brief glance at the photos and products completed by Khan Studio allows you to enjoy a level of creativity and quality unparalleled by others. Sal Colombo

Hi Ejay, I thought you’d like to see where we have placed His Majesty – he is facing the front door in our hallway, from where he watches over and blesses everyone who comes to the house. I took one shot to show you the detail of the frame. Best wishes, Ben

greetings in the name of Yah! just wanted to drop a line to you and thank you for these beautiful shirts. You capture an intensity in your work that is exceptional. I will be in touch in the near future. Much blessing to you.
Mahalo. Imre

Just got back from holiday and collected the print from the Post Office. Thank you ever so much - it arrived safely and will look fab when we get it framed (taking it into the shop later today). Thanks again, Vicky

Thanks for the outstanding service this week... ms

I just wanted to let you know I love the pictures. I framed and hung them and they look so nice. Thanks, Michele

Hi Ejay;
Just wanted to let you know the print arrived in good condition. It's really lovely--
Thanks much, Kathy

I love your artwork!!!! As i am French, my English is not that good...donc je vais terminer mon commentaire en français. Les tableaux sont tout simplement merveilleux, tous! Et j'ai passé des heures à les regarder, est ce qu'on peut faire une commande de France?
Merci Franck

Ejay, Your artwork is out of this world. You are a very, very talented person, I love your paintings. Gabriel

Greetings master Khan. First off your artwork is wonderful. You are a phenomenal artist. I wanted to get some prices on some of your Rastafarian prints, if you offer them. Please contact me. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you. Peace & Jah bless
Ras Justin

Greetings, Just came across your site. Love the Works. Would like to link and Big up your Works. I n I promote Conscious Love and Jahmony thru Jah Rastafari and Jah King’s Music here in Seattle, WA area. Keep up the good work. Papa Far-I, Culture Yard International

I would just like to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. They helped sooo much with my work and they were interesting to read! You sounds like a very spiritual, peaceful person, and it shows through your work. Thank you very much! Nemaste (I hope I spelt that right?!) Lauren
P.S. I was so excited when I got your e-mail because I didn't actually think that a famous artist would really write back and answer my questions, so thank you again!!!

Hello my name is Nadya and I am currently a final year student at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica doing a cultural studies course on the presence of Rastafari in the Global Context. In my preliminary online research for my final paper for this course i came upon your website and as such i would love to have the opportunity to conduct an electronic interview with you about the role of rastafarian colours and imagery in your productions.
It is my hope that i may garner your participation for this research purpose. Awaiting your response.

I have to tell you that I absolutely adore your artwork ! I visit your site often to see what's new. There's one piece though that's no longer on the fantasy artwork site, that is the crucifixion. I hope to see it back on soon. I spread the word about your artwork every chance I get. What I'd like to do is put a link to your site on my MSN Group webpage. Your work is just wonderful. Please let me know if it's ok to add your website to my links page....Thanks for your time....sincerely, Chrissy....

Hi, I just wanted to say how much I love your site, the poetry and artwork. I sent the check on Monday, so it should be there soon. Also, I don't mind if you change a background color if you think a certain background would look better than what I chose. Thanks again, and also thank you for explaining the history of your prints. Have a nice day, Heather

Just looked at the web site....very, very impressive work..... inspirational....and humbling. Have a good day! Jim D.

Ejay, So far your site and your service have been impeccable. I instantly acquired an affection for your art, it is vibrant, beautiful and I think spiritual. The site itself is extremely easy to navigate. I had a question, called the voice number and got you on the line to answer my inquires. I found your site on my favorite search engine,, I typed in the search phrase "Rastafarian Art" and there you were. Thanks so much for your prompt service and beautiful work. Kind Regards, Kate. are ya?
im kirsten im 15 and live in australia.
first of all i just want to say that your work is great! its so bright and colourful! i love it heaps and find it so inspiring! At the moment im doing an art assignment for school - would you mind if i chose one of your paintings to talk about? (dont worry only good things will be said!) well thanks for all the great art! cant wait to see some more! thanks, from kirst







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