Glass and Mixed Media Paintings Gallery

This series of paintings created between 2012 and 2014 are paintings on multiple layers of glass, and mixed media photos and glass paintings. They are incredibly luminous, color saturated, loose and more abstract than any of my earlier work.



Monarch Triptych, 8x24, Mixed Media

Glitch in the Matrix, 8x8

Annisquam Light Under Round Clouds, 8x8

Jewel of the Garden, 8x8, Mixed Media

Spring Garden with Hedgerow, 8x8

Beads and Kiwi on Painted Rocks, 8x8, Mixed Media

Beads Emerging from the Hull, 8x8, Mixed Media

Beads on Coral Reef, 8x8, Mixed Media

Lobster Eye View, 8x8, Mixed Media

Lollipop Trees, 8x8, Mixed Media

Dancing Fruit on Rocky Neck Ave, 16x16, Mixed Media

Beads on Bearded Hull, 8x8, Mixed Media



Wingaersheek, 3D Triptych, 10x25 Acrylic on Glass (SOLD)


Red Peony and Fall Leaves, 3D Triptych, 12x23x3.5 Acrylic on Glass (SOLD)



Fish Bits, 3D Triptych, 15x20 Acrylic on Glass (SOLD)


Old Pilings, 8x10 Acrylic on Glass (SOLD)


Wingaersheek Abstract, 10x23x3 5 Panel 3D Acrylic on Glass, $350


Spring Tulips, 8.5x19.5x1 3D Boxes Table Display Acrylic on Glass, $300


Turquoise Lavendar Abstract, 9x14x2.5, 3D Acrylic on Glass, $300


Wingaersheek, 16x20 Watercolor on Glass (SOLD)


Winter Wonderland, 3D Diptych, 10x17 Acrylic on Glass with Handmade Paper (SOLD)


Wingaersheek from River Road, 5x7 Watercolor on Glass (SOLD)


From Lighthouse Beach, 5x7 Watercolor on Glass (SOLD)


Wingaersheek Under Van Gogh Sky, 5x7 Watercolor on Glass (SOLD)


Seagrass in the Wind, 8x10 Acrylic on Glass (SOLD)


View from Lighthouse Beach, 8x10 Acrylic on Glass (SOLD)


Purple and Gold Trees on the Shore, 8x10 Acrylic on Glass, $175


Emerging Butterfly, 8x10 Acrylic on Glass (SOLD)


Red Peony, 5x7 Acrylic on Glass (SOLD)


Moonrise Over Wingaersheek, 8x10 Acrylic on Glass (SOLD)


Marsh in Snow and Mist, 5x7 Acrylic on Glass (SOLD)


Red Sunset in Snowstorm, 8x10 Acrylic on Glass (SOLD)


Dory Reflection at Madfish, 8x10 Mixed Media (SOLD)







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