painting of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie at his coronationrastafarian art galleryemperor haille selassie, Jah Rastafari, in coronation garb


Rastafarian Art Gallery


Many of the paintings in EJ's Rastafarian Art Gallery were created during the four years she lived in the country ghetto of Little Bay, Westmoreland, Jamaica, married to Rastafarian farmer, Ras Prophet, who was the model for a number of them. Although she personally does not ally herself with any one religion, believing that all are relevant and necessary at this time for the spiritual evolution of mankind, she does have a particularly strong affinity and respect for many of the teachings and livity of Rastafari. She also has the greatest admiration and "raspect" for Emperor Haile Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah - Jah, Rastafari. EJ hopes this collection of works depicting the Rastafarian culture will help the uninitiated appreciate the positive influence of Rastafarians on the world, and will provide Rastafarians with positive artwork portraying their unique and powerful culture.

Availability of the original artwork is noted below the enlargement of each positive Rastafarian art image. Click images below to view enlargements. All the artwork you see is available as a Giclee' Art Print or notecard. Many of these paintings are now available at Zazzle on posters, T-shirts, greeting cards, and other products. Visit*to see selection, and at Fine Art America as prints, posters, canvas prints and cards. If there is a painting that you would like to see added to Zazzle or Fine Art America products, please send me an email at and I will add it for you.


painting of the Last Supper by Ejay Khan depicting Jesus and his disciples as dark skinned / black and dreadlocked.


The Rasta Last Supper is a painting that people have been asking me to do for years. The painting has finally been done and is now available as a giclee print or greeting card at Fine Art America. The original painting is a 30x40 acrylic on canvas and is also available. Email for details.












dreadlock rasta farmer with machete
painting of three rastafarian youth, caucasian, african  and asian, positive rastafarian art
painting of emperor haille selassie available as greeting card or art print, positive rastafarian art
signs and wonders - rastafarian, lion and lamb in clouds over the sea in an end times meteor storm, positive rastafarian art
oil painting of lion with rastafarian man's head and dreadlocks
painting of pride of lions with human faces and dreadlocks
painting of rastafarian basketweaver on west end negril jamaica
haile selassie with lion and lamb ruling earth
painting of rastafarian dreadlock, prophet
painting of rastafarian cooking over fire in jamaica available as greeting card and giclee art print
conquering lion - rastafarian as returning conquering  christ with sword held high
one love rastafarian with knotty dread - available as note card and giclee art print
rastafarian painting in westmoreland jamaica - no problem
looks like redemption - lion in the clouds over the sea in an apocalypse meteor storm
painting of rasta love jah - available as a notecard and giclee art print
painting of rastafarian jah rastafari available as greeting card and giclee art print
painting of rasta reasoning in negril available as greeting card and giclee art print
love and peace rastafarian painting - available as notecard and giclee art print, positive rastafarian art
haile selassie up from the pyramids
rasta elders sit stirring large dutch pot heated by the sun
painting of dreadlock traveler has accompanying poetry
painting of rastafarian under banana tree available as greeting card and giclee art print
painting of dreadlock joda on elephant has accompanying poetry - available as notecard with poem on back and as giclee art print
painting of rastafarian at negril beach in jamaica
painting of rastafarian unity
painting of HIM Haile Selassie with rastafarian flag and star of david
painting of dread in tree available as greeting card and art print
haile selassie outlined by  hands depicting the sign of the power of the Trinity
painting of jamaican rastafarian available as greeting card and art print

In these dread times, which Rastafarians and all who have eyes to see have been telling of for years, it is critical to live up. Find your center in love and peace and do whatever it takes to stay there. Do not focus on fear, stay in love at all cost. We can prevail. It is time for the meek to inherit the earth. Surrounding yourself with peaceful, postive art can help keep you stay focused. Giving thanks in all things is also critical to staying centered in peace. And don't forget to help out your struggling brethren and sistren. Living outside the system is best, but is always hard. It is especially hard now for the artists (painters, muscians, carvers, poets, and all who live on what they create) - help them out. Jah Bless, Ejay

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