& The Good Morning Gloucester Gallery

@ 77 Rocky Neck Ave


In addition to works by EJ Lefavour, Deb Schradieck, Joey C. and some of the GMG crew (Donna Ardizzoni, Fr. Matthew Green, Craig Kimberly and Kim Smith, as well as pottery by Paul Morrison), Khan Studio and The Good Morning Gloucester Gallery at Rocky Neck will also present nine two-week guest artist exhibits this season. We are looking forward to continuing the great energy, openings, Mup Ups, Nights on the Neck and general artful fun and business that we started in 2011, and look forward to the guest artists being an exciting part of it.


2013 Guest Artist Exhibit Schedule


September 21-October 14 - Holly Young

September 7-September 20 - Leslie Heffron

June 1-14 - Judith Monteferrante & Roger Salisbury

June 15-28 - James and Eileen Patten Oliver

June 29-July 12 - Mary Bowles & Kerrie Bromberger - Shell Designs

July 13-July 26 - Marion Hall

July 27-August 9 - Audi Souza

August 10-August 23 - Kathy Roberts

Full Season May 15-October 14 - Deb Schradieck

August 24-September 6 - Judy Wilburn, Lyn Cardinal & Joanne Kaliontzis

If you are not familiar with the guest artist space, it is 15' long by 8' tall, made up of a 9' long wall with two 3+' side walls. There is space for a print bin and there is a church pew on which you can display cards, small prints, three dimensional pieces, business cards, etc.

Guest Artist Space

Guest Artist Opening Reception

Sunday Morning Mug Up

Night on the Neck

Past Guest Artists






Below is the list of guest artist exhibit times. If you are interested in being a guest artist, you can confirm your desired time below. Times are confirmed upon payment, on a first-come first-choice basis. We look forward to a great 2013 on Madfish Wharf. Note: 5% of credit card sales will be taken to cover expenses, and a 25% commission (including credit card transactions) will be taken on sales in excess of space rental fee for two and three week exhibits.