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In December 2010, I was selected to join the elite team of Good Morning Gloucester authors, posting a daily contribution called "Did you know" featuring photos or paintings and a brief history or information about the subject. To see my "Did You Know" posts, visit

Good Morning Gloucester (GMG) is a long standing blog created by Gloucester, lobster broker Joey Ciaramitaro ("Joey C."). GMG is a snapshot of living and working on the docks of the oldest commercial fishing harbor in the United States. Good Morning Gloucester began as a daily post on the Cape Ann Online message board. Joey would post photographs that he took while going to the docks before dawn each morning. This thread became unruly and was moved over to a blog in December of 2007. Within a year it was recording more than 30,000 visits per month which made it the most active blog on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Good Morning Gloucester now receives as many as 50,000 visits per day and has had over 20,000,000 visitors. Since March of 2009 the Good Morning Gloucester blog has been displayed prominently on the Cape Ann newspaper, The Gloucester Daily Times website front page. In September 2011, Good Morning Gloucester won CBS Boston's Most Valuable Blogger Award. If you love the North Shore of Massachusetts, especially Cape Ann, click on the link above and subscribe to GMG. A daily email of current postings will arrive in your mailbox, or just click on the link to go to the blog website and see what's happening here.




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