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Written and illustrated by E.J. Lefavour, Tales of Bong Tree Island is an entertaining, timely, beautifully illustrated backstory to Edward Lear's poem The Owl and The Pussycat.

This historical fantasy spins the background and history of Barney and Caterina (The Owl and The Pussycat) who, being an interspecies couple, were subjected to relationship discrimination in their native Ramsgate, England, and forced to sail away in search of a home where they could be free to marry and have their offspring without fear of discrimination. When they arrive on Bong Tree Island, they encounter hedgepiggywigs, hummingbunnybirds and painted manaturtles, and know they have found their forever home. The story is told in a series of interviews with owlpusses, the descendants of Barney and Caterina, conducted by world-renowned explorer, Martine Bates from Gloucester, MA.

Martine had been contacted by the Queen of England and invited to lead an expedition to locate "the land where the Bong Trees grow" and learn the fate of British National legends, Barney and Caterina, a/k/a The Owl and The Pussycat, and Mr. Alpheus Pomfry, a good friend of the Royal Family who sailed in search of Bong Tree Island in 1908 and never returned. With the help of an old map created by Alpheus Pomfry that Martine Bates finds in the attic of his grandnephew, Pip Pomfry, Martine reaches Bong Tree Island, located in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. There she meets the owlpusses, descendents of Barney and Caterina, as well as other inhabitants of Bong Tree Island. She interviews the descendants and learns the fate of Mr. Pomfry, history of Barney and Caterina, all about Bong Tree Island, the rare inhabitants unique to the island, and the wisdom they have to impart to humankind.

Read what people are saying about Tales of Bong Tree Island:

"A Refreshing Fantasy with a Great Underlying Message - This is definitely a book for all ages. The tale is a perfect combination of whimsy and a moral message. The vibrant illustrations give an added dimension and depth to the story.
This would be a great book to have in school libraries or even part of the required reading list curriculum. I would love to see this become a Disney movie!" - Meg Lee

"For Kids of All Ages - Artist-author Lefavour paints a remarkable utopian society. She colors this whimsical, romantic fantasy with humorous and serious social commentary. You'll finish this imaginative extension of a classic poem, impatient for the next episode." - David Simmons

"Very Fun and Lovely Book - I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Tales of Bong Tree Island", a whimsical tale about the descendants of "The Owl and The Pussycat", the characters of Edward Lear's famous poem of 1871. Lefavour takes us through an incredible but very credibly written tale of "interspecies tolerance" which is a parable for today's children of an ever-increasingly shrinking world that demands racial tolerance, and tells the story with great imagination through a series of interviews with the inhabitants of Bong Tree Island by a woman explorer chosen by the Queen of England. The illustrations that accompany the story, also by Lefavour, are incredibly fun and add a wonderful dimension to the story. Being the owner of three cats (as well as some wonderful wooden carvings of owls done by my father) with hummingbirds in my garden, I am definitely looking forward to the sequel. Thanks for a wonderful story, E.J." - Chris Murray

"Magical, Creative, Inspiring - Truly an amazing book for all ages. I've already received multiple copies and plan on sharing it even more.

This is a book that brings its reader to a magical place full of humor, compassion and understanding. With so many creative, imaginative details in both the writing and the illustrations (which are amazing by the way) it's hard to remember that it's not possible to jump on board a ship and head to Bong Tree Island for your next vacation.

Young or old there is something for everyone on Bong Tree Island and you will love the places and creatures you are introduced to." - Evelyn Howe

"Loved This Book! - I don't know what I was expecting, but "Tales of Bong Tree Island" took me by surprise. Enchantingly written and delightfully illustrated, no reader (old, young, fiction, nonfiction, conservative, liberal, cerebral or otherwise) will be able to resist its humor, charm and beauty. Buy it for yourself but plan to share it with everyone you love." - Amy Bell Ross

"Brilliant Story and Art in Tales of Bong Tree Island - Tales of Bong Tree Island by E.J. LeFavour is a must read for children and adults. It is about owlpusses, hummingbunnybirds, hedgepiggywigs and a place where tolerance, respect, sharing, and peace thrive. Some of the things that you will learn about are leaping trees that share wisdom, painted manaturtles that live in a bottomless lake, weddingday and hatchday, great mouse famine, and flutterbydragonflies that heal injuries.The author's creativity and imagination are incredible. The story is illustrated with the most colorful, imaginitive, and creative art work." - Kathy Downer

Book and Illustrations Preview



Map of Bong Tree Island

Painting of Hedgepiggywig friends, Paul, Joey and Ed

Painting of male and female hummingbunnybirds

Painting of Butterdragonflies feeding

Painting of Bong Trees in Bong Tree Valley

Painting of Sir Winfred Owlpuss III at Owlswood

Parliament Transporting Oracle

Portrait painting of Ferrowl brothers, Ferdi and Frankie

Painting of an owlpuss teen disposing of empty can

Portrait painting of Owlivia Owlpuss

Painting of Tom and Henrietta at Turkey Hill

Portrait Painting of Eve, The Oracle

Painting of Owlpuss brothers, Omar, Oswin and Otis

Painting of Grayson and Genevieve by Pink Sand Beach

Mother and Baby Painted Manaturtles at Crystal Clear Lake

Precious Quadruplets at Lionsgate

Portrait Painting of Kip


Did You Know?

Cape Ann, Part I

(A Collection of Paintings and Photographs with Interesting Lore and Facts About Cape Ann)

In the fall of 2010, E.J. was given the opportunity to move to lovely, historic Annisquam Village in Gloucester, returning once again to the North Shore where her creative path began 20 years earlier. Before moving to Cape Ann, she subscribed to the popular, informative and very cool North Shore Blog, Good Morning Gloucester, to familiarize herself with what was happening in the area. Soon after arriving, Joey C. gave her the opportunity to become a regular contributor to GMG and she began her “Did You Know?” posts, an endeavor she loves as it allows her to explore, research and share information she’s discovered, and share her photographs and paintings in the process. This book is based on some of her and readers favorite GMG posts and Cape Ann images. 40 pages of interesting Cape Ann facts, lore and images. Retail $10 ($8 each if you buy 6). If you would like a signed copy, please be sure to include the name of the person you want it signed for.











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